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Welcome to 13,

First off go watch Band Of Brothers 3 times straight. Back? Get it now? 13 is about working together with your brethren to acheive our shared goals. Bitching IS PROHIBITED in any excessive form, as it ALWAYS slows down the process of teamwork. Rank is formed because its the only way to be effective. Those in command should not be condescending in nature, without good humored sarcasm, and all should feel a balance of the power and control. This makes a perfect enviroment for equilibrium to exist in the unity of a guild. Ideas flow out of everyone and the guild is fine tuned to be a well oiled war machine.

Also, for said machine to run smoothly, the gears must always be clear of bricks. Bricks are people who only care about themselves and dont have the patience to be a normal person. It becomes obvious someone is a brick when they dont take the necessary steps to earning a strangers trust and becoming their friend, before they have incorporated their personaility into the daily swing of the 13 dick. My patience is ONLY pressed by these folks.. Ragers, elitest, egohumpers.. Whatever they are called.. I will tear you down if you truely have these personaility flaws. So dont waste our or your time, if you know you wont be able to be a calm minded adult AT ALL TIMES.

Dont be a brick and we will get along just fine. We will crush, maim, destroy, murder, steal, rape, pillage, all as a cohesive pack of hungry wolves. Hard work and determination will have our enemies wrecked with panic and fear, at the mere mention of our presence. "13 is here! 13 what? 13 Who.. FUCK ITS THEM, RUNNNN..."

Are you ready to feast on the supple bosom of the spoils of war? Well lets go get us some forks, are you with us?

What am I talking about? Watch the 13 Video(s) below to find out!! Watch in full screen and STOP this page, to end the default music of the website; To really get the full effect! Or click the links and watch the videos from WeGame.


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13 Mortal Online Part One


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